Windows live mail updating calendar

Then under “Connecting to Windows Live Services” select “Stop signing in.” Yes it really is as simple as that.I almost always get the following error message when I logon to check my emails. There was an error when attempting to connect to the Windows Live Calendar service.This topic was updated on June 24, 2017, based on user feedback.If you don't see your problem or question listed here, we'd like to know.

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The problem with Windows Live Mail is it wastes a heck of a lot of time updating things that frankly you don’t need updated. The Calendar aspect of Windows Live Mail isn’t necessary and an annoying time waster.Check out answers to the most common questions about the Mail and Calendar apps for Windows 10 or provide feedback about the apps, submit feature suggestions, or share your comments.To search for additional help topics, use the Search Office help box at the top right corner of your screen.J'aime bien cette application, jusqu'à présent car je ne l'ai pas utilisé tant que ça...c'est pratique d'envoyer des courriels de différents comptes d'un seul endroit. I also love that I can sync several addresses, similar to the way I do on my Android phone. We know how important it is you to stay on top of your emails and manage your time well.

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