Phpbb3 version not updating acp

Issue: Using the Admin username/password, I cannot access the Administrator Control Panel (ACP) of php BB version 3.

Solution: With php BB3, you have to log into the board, THEN go to the admin panel.

Everyone has their own style of testing which works for them, and this is only one such style. A local setup is an installation on your own computer or network, as opposed to a remote setup which would typically be your website (as it is hosted by another company in a “remote” location).

This means that less time is spent uploading and downloading through FTP as any changes you make take effect almost instantly.

This article was written primarily for MOD writers interested in ways to optimise testing.

It would behoove anyone running php BB to visit this topic https://

f=496&t=2257886 and put in an additional request for the extension.

Unless this release of php BB is junked up with AJAX (which limits compatibility, and violates many aspects of HTTP_POST, such as not percent escaping reserved characters), ZB Block should continue to work as usual.

So the question is, will the core be remaining clean php/html?

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