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What would you want a perfect figure with thin face and slimming body? Slim & Skinny can automatically accurate positioning to the face and body, you only need a few simple operations, a perfect figure instantly on the show in front of you and your friends! I've had more than 5 iphones since this app got out and every time i get a new phone, this is the first app i download. I'm not sponsored or anything, but this app does exactly what it says and it's all FOR FREE!!! I personally used it for my eighth grade dance pictures and it made them look much nicer!MAIN FEATURES:• Auto detect head, face and body• Thin Head, Face and Slim Body via by Slider• Remove double chin• Support manual mode, Skinny Anywhere you want• Adjust skinny strength, Before and after comparison• Save creations to photo albums and share with your friends via email or SNS tools(facebook,twitter,tumblr,kik,wechat etc.) I dont give this app a 10th star because there isn't one. With many employers relying on video chat software to keep employees connected, individuals using webcams to produce expert how-to videos, and television broadcasters depending on this technology to beam guests in from all over the world, it’s no longer just good enough to be happy that your connection works.

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This can totally ruin a user’s experience and force them to constantly be in pursuit of a better alternative.While not all of us have Oprah’s Skype Guest Kit, which reportedly includes a state-of-the art laptop, desk-sized tripod, and prepaid return shipping label, there are some simple things the average business person can do to take online video chats to the next level.Buying a USB-powered microphone is an obvious first step (along with using an Ethernet connection versus Wi-Fi) to increase your computer conversation quality, but it’s time to think beyond that.Chat rooms for singles are extremely hard to come by.Although there are tons of dating sites online, actual chat rooms for singles are not around every corner.

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