Government figures show that nearly three million children in the Philippines are working in dangerous jobs.

Many of those are involved in the small-scale gold mining industry.

He signed with the Titans in the offseason as a free agent. As a rookie he recorded 51 tackles and one interception.

He led all NFL cornerbacks last season with 92 tackles while also recording two interceptions.

It is about the experience for the youngsters.” Apple echoed those sentiments.Her art resides in permanent collections at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and The Norton Museum.She is the author of the book, “A Place for Memory: Where Art and Science Meet,” published in 2013.In her ongoing exhibition, “Revelations and Transformation, Layers of Memory,” local artist Patricia Moss-Vreeland explores memory “as a meditation on who we are.” On June 20, she’ll invite members of the Penn Memory Center community to do the same.Join PMC’s Felicia Greenfield and Moss-Vreeland for a free, one-time workshop sponsored by PMC.

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