Dating a loner Lankasex talk

She's special in her own way, and there are a ton of perks to dating this type of gal.

Here are seven things you need to know in order to keep her around.

Suddenly he's just gone.doesn't wanna speak to me anymore.says he misses me too but his want to stay alone is much more then his want for me. There is high possibility he might has depression as Anonymous suggested. He wouldn't get out of his house and didn't response to any calls from anyone for days.

He says that its not just me he doesn't want his parents, friends or anyone around. He says he's still there for me but just not in the same way. He also didn't mention he has it until I confronted him because I knew what it was like..

I don't have to conform to the norms and beliefs and lifestyle of any group because I stay off on the sidelines... I wouldn't do well if I hooked-up with a man who wanted to spend all of his free time with family and friends and never wanted to be alone with

The loner and the attention seeker: one is solitary and prefers their independence, while the other is the life of the party, dependent on others’ affection.

But dating either of these types can be a shit show—for the same reasons.

When I say loner, I mean the guy who’s never invited to any birthdays or weddings, and rarely gets a phone call.

We come across all kinds of people in the dating scene.

We might meet a social butterfly, a loner, an artist, or someone who's just looking to hang out and not have anything serious.

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