Avg not updating correctly

I have AVG for antivirus duty, and Comodo for firewall duty.

Deep Freeze does not make any distinction between changes that are malicious, or changes that are desired on a workstation and this can pose some challenges in managing 3 party products that require updates to occur on a periodic basis. My PC shuts down automatically at preset hours, during the night, so I can't be 100% sure that no updates of existing software occurred; all I can say is I had no new software installed.Similar topics with that error linked the problem to an update (or lack of an update) of an antivirus software.The most common interaction that we find on customers workstations is between antivirus software and Deep Freeze. Select the frequency for the updates to occur in the Day drop down and set the start and end time for the event. The options “Allow User to Cancel Event”, “Shutdown after Maintenance”, and “Disable Keyboard and Mouse” can be enabled if desired. Antivirus software by design requires periodic updates to maintain it’s effectiveness on a client workstation, and problems may arise unless steps are taken to ensure that the antivirus software can perform updates in a timely manner.

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